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I recently switched my hosting and a number of domain names to Dynadot with the intent of saving a few dollars, consolidating with one vendor, and moving somewhere that provided better support than my last two hosts (who shall remain nameless, but rhyme with Screamghost and RunAndRun).

I’ve been using for spam filtering and some other e-mail related functions and want to continue to do so. After a bit of trial-and-error and a few exchanges with Dynadot’s support staff, I found that this configuration works as intended:

  1. Log into and navitage to All Domains -> Delivery & MailServers -> Inbound Servers
  2. Delete any existing MailServer entries (with the red ‘x’ on the right)
  3. Click ‘Add Mail Server’, and enter, and a priority of 0, where you need to use the actual domain name hosted at Dynadot. In my case, it was
  4. Log into and navigate to Your Account -> Summary
  5. Click on the cPanel login at the bottom of the page, under ‘Dynadot Hosting’, and log in to cPanel
  6. In the ‘Mail’ section, click on ‘MX Entry’
  7. Select the domain name that’s associated with the e-mail accounts you want to filter
  8. Delete any existing MX Records
  9. Add a new record with priority 0 and destination

That’s it. Enjoy freedom from spam.

15. April 2014 by jhembach
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